LEED® Platinum living

At the Ten at Clarendon, we know our responsibility goes beyond creating amazing apartment experiences—it's on us to build a better community. That's why the Ten was built to LEED® Platinum specifications.


in your apartment

Your new apartment is more than a place to lay your head—it's a sophisticated, eco-friendly system that uses less energy.

  • Energy- and water-saving features including Energy Star® appliances, lighting, and windows, and Nest programmable thermostats
  • Improved air quality through low-VOC paints and carpets, upgraded HVAC filters, and more

in the building

From the first nail to the final coat of paint, every inch of the Ten was designed with the environment in mind.

  • A green roof
  • Electric-car charging stations
  • Energy- and water-efficient building materials including properly sized heating/cooling units, mastic-sealed ductwork, upgraded insulation, and more
  • Increased air quality through automatic recirculation fans

in the community

We built the Ten for two reasons—to give you the apartment you deserve and to provide our city with a model for sustainable development.

  • Heat-island reducing measures including efficient roofing and easily accessible green space
  • Resident carbon emission reduction through proximity to public transport and neighborhood amenities
  • Use of non-toxic lawn treatments for pests
  • Job-waste reduction through panelized construction, efficient framing, and recycling programs